Grandma Wong's PledgePage

hi guys! hope you are all doing well.

there is this little old lady that lives on my floor. her name is grandma wong. she is so sweet, and always talks to everyone in the neighborhood. she walks the neighborhood dogs and cats, and seems to be friends with just about everyone. she lives by herself and is pretty independent, but i don't think her kids visit her often, if ever.

the other day i saw a notice on her door that said she was late in two months rent ($900), and she may be kicked out. now, i don't know her situation too well, but i thought perhaps this was a good opportunity to repay some of the kindness that people have bestowed upon me in my life. so, i talked to my manager and she said i could donate directly to the office.

i know many of you aren't sittin on top of the world on stacks of cash, but if you feel in any way inclined to donate 5 bucks or something so grandma wong can stay in her little apartment with all her animals, i think it would be a nice gesture. ;)

Click here for donation information

it will be anonymous, and i'll leave a smile card for the managers to give her :)

you can just leave a message for Grandma Wong and i'll be sure to include it in my card.

just thought i'd send the thought out.

hugs, lalita